Friday, March 23, 2012

What can I say...

I feel somewhat sheepish about posting...
I mean this has to be the most neglected blog in the crafting world!
I shall quit apologizing, because it makes me sound like a weenie, which I am...a blogging weenie.
There, enough said to ease my guilt and create a transition to this post from the last one which was in a different year...sigh.

During my blogging absence a great deal of festive stamping has taken place which I shall not try to catch up on...holidays that included many of my favorite things...snowflakes, festive trees, the birth of Christ, the new year, hearts, lace and cupids, shamrocks and St. Patrick...
Here, even though it's over, and we are all WAY past it, because I love it and hated to put it away, is my St. Patrick's tower.

I change the tower several times a year to go with the seasons.  I just started doing St. Patrick's in 2011 and because it is kind of new for me (although most of the stuff I have had for a long time), I love it.  Green is my favorite color and that is another reason this is one of my current favorites.

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